Tips to Keeping Fit As An Entrepreneur

fitYour small business is affected by several aspects of your personal life. For example, your credit history, personal finances and experience have probably had some sort of impact on when or how you opened your business. Have you ever taken the time to consider how your health and physical fitness could affect your business? [Read more...]

Dress For Success

There is apparently a Dutch saying that says something like “Clothes Make the Man“. For me this would mean something like, if you dress up nicely you can boost yourself as a person (and not only your self esteem).


I guess the English equivalent is something like “Dress for Success“, and that is what this article is about.

There is so much business success to gain, simply by paying a little more attention to detail. I’m not going to go over all possible points you could consider changing though.

Instead I will just address three areas of personal care that I think are the most important, and those that I have seen a lot of people fail doing, especially in their first couple of years in business.

Personal Hygiene and Grooming

What I mean with personal hygiene and personal grooming is simply that you take a shower everyday in the morning, and maybe even a second one in the evening when you’ve had a busy day.

Next to washing yourself, there is the necessity to take care of your skin, more especially, your face. Once a week use a mild face scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells. When you dry your face, use a soft towel, and not a tough one that will treat your facial skin like sandpaper.

When you’re done, make sure you put on a facial crème that is dedicated for facial skin. Don’t use body lotion for your face. The ingredients in facial crème and body lotion are completely different.

Care What You Wear

The title of this paragraph is typically important when you have a business appointment. Make sure that, when you’re wearing a shirt, the collar is clean, and that your shirt is not wrinkled. Wrinkled shirts make a very sloppy impression.

Another tip is to always wear a white T-Shirt underneath your shirt. This can absorb any perspiration, and will ensure that you won’t get any yellow spots in your armpits.

When you’re wearing jewelry (this goes for both men and women), reconsider what you’re wearing professionally.

I think it’s a bad idea to wear the same rings on all fingers that you wear, when you ride your motorcycle, when you’re going on a sales call. In other words, go easy on the jewelry you’re wearing.

Don’t Take Your Perfume Inside

Every time when I visit a good friend of mine, and every time when I enter his home, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of perfume he is wearing. In addition to that his whole house smells like a Eucalyptus sauna.

It’s not a bad smell, and neither is his perfume. But the point I’m trying to make is that not everyone will like your perfume, and especially not if the smell announces your arrival about 15 minutes in advance.

The tip here is simple. If you’re going on a sales call (or even on a romantic dinner), leave your perfume at home. Maybe more so for the business situation than for the romantic dinner.

A Personal Story of Failure

Not all business advice comes in the form of tips and tricks from the experts. In actual fact, most tips and tricks come from everyday life. Even the best advice is usually after we have failed. That is if you can recognize this failure as a learning point.

In this article I want to tell you an experience I had, in real life, and the lessons I learned from this.

Finding the Right Client

Even with the economic crisis coming slowly to an end, for many small businesses it is not easy to attract new business. Typically not if you’re, like me, in consulting.

Some time back I got approached by someone who lived in the same city as I did. She had found me through LinkedIn, and liked my profile.

We started talking using Skype, and there seemed to be some business opportunities for me to work with her.

A client of hers needed some advice on how to integrate in another culture. Since this is one of my specialties, I gladly took up the offer.

Finding a moment to get together to meet for the first time turned out to be a daunting task, but we managed after several days.

We met, and discussed this upcoming business opportunity.

The Moment of Failure

I must say that failure is a big word. In actual fact I felt I hadn’t failed at all. Here’s what happened.

We both arrived at the house of the person in need of some coaching. Since I knew we were going to his private house, I felt that dressing smart business casual (which in my eyes means wearing a suit, a shirt, but no tie) would be formal enough.

The door opened and our client, wearing a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, no shoes, let us in. I felt I made the right decision with my dress code. My contact person was wearing a dress. Nothing fancy, but ok.

We both did our “thing” and left about 3 hours later. I felt the client got what he wanted and he appeared to be happy.

My client and I parted, and I headed home.

A couple of hours later I received an email from her, stating that my dress code and personal grooming had been unacceptable. Especially the fact that I didn’t have a clean shave was unacceptable. I was very surprised.

I had taken special care to trim my beard with my beard trimmer and shaved the parts that needed to be shaved. I looked smart.

I even told her that these days even news readers don’t do clean shaves, but appear on TV with their stubbly beards. I made the point that having some kind of beard was very fashionable and modern.

But… she wouldn’t have it.

Lessons Learned

At the end of our Skype call (which followed the email she had sent) I told her that I thought there was not enough overlap to do business together, and that it would be better to left it at this one assignment, and not work together anymore.

In actual fact I had fired my customer. Whether I’m right or wrong in your eyes, my lesson learned was that I did my job well, and had taking into account how to match the expectations of my client (the person who needed the coaching).

You don’t have to bend over backward to do whatever your client (the lady in my case) wants you to do.

Match Your Clients Expectations

What Did You Expect?

Have you seen the Schweppes commercial from some time back? The beautiful Nicole Kidman “stars” in the first version, and it got a follow up in 2014 where Penelope Cruz takes over the helm from Ms. Kidman.

The punch line from both ladies in the same commercial is the phrase at the end: “What did you expect…?”

This simple phrase should be on your mind when you’re dealing with your clients and especially with potential clients.

Why is managing expectations so important? For the simple reason that most people buy from people that are like them. So the more you can match the (overall) expectation of your potential client, the higher your chances will be to do actual business with this person

What Does Your Client Expect?

Do you know what your client expects from you, and if you do, how do you manage those expectations?

Well, if you do know what the expectations of your potential clients are you’re about 50% there. But what do you do to find out what the expectations are if you don’t know them yet?

There are a couple of things you can do to find out what your client wants from you. Here’s a bit of a list:

  • Google the persons name. To make your search a bit more effective, use ” ” around the name of the person. This will ensure that Google will do an exact match search. You’ll be amazed what you can find this way.
  • Check out the LinkedIn platform. From the work history and personal details you can already make out some special topics to talk about, and maybe even find a match with some of your own interests.
  • Facebook. A great source to find out some more personal information about your client is Facebook. Just be really careful how you use that information in your talks with him or her.

Managing Expectations

Now that you know a bit more about your potential client, it is time to match and manage those expectations.

What do I mean with this?

Well, say you find out that your client drives a very “ordinary” car. A simple, normal everyday car, and nothing special. If you drive a big family car, one of those big 7 seater vehicles, it might make sense to avoid the topic of cars when you two meet. Cars might not be his biggest interest.

Another smart idea could be to park your car a bit further away. This way your client will not see the car you’re arriving in, and will not think your services are priced high, just so you can afford an expensive big family car.

The way you interact with your client is also very important. There is a technique called “Matching & Mirroring“. When you Match and Mirror your client, or the person in front of you, you basically copy the exact same movement that he or she makes.

The trick here is to make it as natural as possible. So no spastic imitation, but rather a smooth following of your opponent’s movements. Much like you can observe when you’re sitting in a restaurant and you see two people leaning forward and being in perfect sync. This is what you should be aiming for.

How to Market your Dental Clinic Online

Gone is the day in dental practice when the notice boards outside your clinic attract new patients. Today, extreme competition has made it imperative that dental practitioners must search for alternative ways to promote their dental clinics. Marketing is indispensable if you want to excel in your dental practice, just like other small businesses. Promoting your dental clinic demands a multifaceted approach and for which internet-marketing strategies must take priority. Although using traditional marketing tactics can still be helpful, online marketing has grown very rapidly because of its wide reach, better customer targeting, and lower cost.

Interested in online marketing already? Here are some of the ways you should use for promoting your dental clinic. They include: creating and website and optimize it for search engine, email marketing, social media marketing, paid advertisement on popular websites related to your business, paid advertisement on search engine, and so on. A strong online presence is usually required for your internet marketing effort to be successful. If you are not sure about promoting your dental business online, at least try to invest a portion of your advertising budgets and time to set up a website. Owning a website is like getting a spot in the online real estate for your clinic, and it’s crucial that people have a “place” that they can go to for inquiries or information.

By launching a website, potential customers could learn about your dental practices, your facilities, as well as your support team. You need to update your site regularly. Provide monthly or weekly newsletter, online appointment booking, and account access. Your site should also provide as much information as possible. Some of the frequently asked questions such as dental procedures you perform, operating hours, as well as your business location should be highlighted on your website. Apart from launching your website, you must back it with some search engine optimization so people can find you easily. This means more visibility, more traffic, and more customers. If you are not sure what to do, just hire an expert to take care of it.

Moreover, use social media marketing platforms to engage with your patients. It’s free to register accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yelp, and others. The interactive bonding relationship you establish with your client can bring in more referrals than you can imagine. Try to update them about your dental procedures, attend to their queries. Interact with them constantly so they know that you or your clinic cares about them (i.e. your current and future patients.)

We also recommend you occasionally ask for testimonials, reviews, and feedback on your website and social media pages. But be careful not to stuff your audience with sales pitches which will likely drive potential customers away. It is also good practice to provide a “resource” page on your website or social media pages. This way you can show that you are not only providing great dental service, but also provide additional “value” or resources to your patients. For example, some people might be interested in teeth whitening treatment, you can recommend your service along with other resources for choosing the best teeth whitening toothpaste.

Once you become more experienced in online marketing, you should try to understand what most of your dental patients are searching for. In our experience, most of the people want cheap, painless and stress free dental procedures. So if you have something that fits your patients needs, make sure you communicate the service to them clearly. Inspired? it’s time for you to take action! We will cover tips for email marketing in future articles.

Keep Track Of Your Forklift Licensing Requirements, And Any Other Licensing Requirements For Your Business

Sometimes businesses is about processes. A friend of ours has a small warehouse, he is a manufacturer of gun safes, and it looks like his processes have let him down.

It’s very important to keep track of everything to do with your business. In this particular case what he has failed to do is keep track of the licensing requirements for his forklift driver.

A forklift driver is required by law to be licensed. There’s a course that the driver must undertake in order to be licensed, and the driver has to pass the course before he can apply for his licence.

But they forgot to record the dates

The driver’s forklift licence was good for 3 years and after that it needed to be renewed. Renewing a forklift license isn’t all that difficult, you just have to do a quick refresher course to update your knowledge about newly released regulations and safety requirements and then renew your licence.

But of course you’re not likely to be renewing your licence unless you know what date the renewal falls due on. That’s where our friend’s business fell down. He didn’t have sufficient processes in place to alert the business that the forklift licence was due to expire. Most of the requirements are set out here

Of course the business won’t even know if the forklift licence, or any other licence for that matter, has expired unless their business processes alert them to the fact.

They got fined for failing to renew the forklift licence

So the forklift driver was driving the forklift without a licence. Unfortunately having an unlicensed forklift driver is an offence against the health and safety regulations, and when the health and safety inspector came by and asked to see the driver’s licence the business was found out.

Of course they were liable to be prosecuted for a breach of the health and safety regulations however they were offered the opportunity to pay a fine instead and they accepted the fine and paid it.

They immediately set up proper processes to record all of the licensing requirements for the business. And they set up processes to alert them when any licences, including the forklift licence, were due to expire and needed renewing.

It’s a good lesson. Every business, small or large, must have dedicated processes in place to record everything that needs to be recorded. Preferably the business should have a dedicated administration person who is required to maintain this type of information.

Of course for many small businesses this is impractical, employing an extra person in the business simply to maintain this type of records is not economical. In these cases the business owner should look at other ways of maintaining records such as these even if he or she does it themselves.

But the lesson is there. Make sure everything is recorded and all important dates, such as renewal dates, are also recorded and the owner or manager of the business alerted well in advance of any requirements for renewal of a licence.

If not the business owner may regret having inadequate business processes in place.

Tips for Small Business That Don’t Require Money

Having a small business is rewarding, but no easy task. Business expenses can add up fast. From licensing and rent all the way down to paper and pens; nothing is free. There are, however, some tips and Internet tools that you can use to help be more efficient, to help manage the business, increase revenues and to cut expenses that do not require a ton of money. Most of them are readily available and pretty cheap, if not free. I am going to run through a few of them here.

  1. Lead with revenue. This is pretty obvious, but you can’t spend before you earn. Get a basic product out there, make some sales and then take some time and spend some money to refine it. You also cannot buy everything that you come across. It just isn’t practical. The last thing in the world you need to do is to build up business debt for things that are not top priority.
  2. Get on Google Places. If you have a brick and mortar business in a particular city it is free to sign up for and to use Google Places. Whenever someone searches for a term related to your city in Google, there will be a chance your business can show up. It is basically free advertising, and for the couple of minutes it takes to sign up, it is really a no brainer.
  3. Google Docs. Another free service from the good people over at Google. If you use a computer for spreadsheets (or other documents), this service allows you to share and collaborate on documents without the need to pay for a hosting service. You will also no longer have to keep track of who’s version is the latest…because they will all be the same. (You can even see edits being made in real time).
  4. Use free flyer templates. Graphic designers can run up a ridiculous bill. One way you can circumvent this would be to use free flyer templates. They are readily available on the Microsoft website. As soon as they are out of the printer you can head out and plaster them all over town! This is a great (and cheap!) way to get the word out.
  5. Leverage social media. We are lucky to live in an age where connecting with people is as easy as picking up a phone! Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are amazing resources to finding like-minded people and to stay connected with them. Chances are there is another business somewhere like yours. And they face similar problems to you. If you can’t find a group, you can start one! The possibilities are endless.
  6. Know your market inside and out. Like a hunter making preparations for a hunt, you must know the “lay of the land” inside and out before you can expect results. What are your clients talking about? Who is your ideal customer? How much do you do in sales per month? How many clicks does your website get? How many of your emails get opened? What is our average visitor value?

There really is no excuse for not knowing any of the answers to those questions, as they are the heart of your business. Success can come in many different forms and often times you don’t even need to spend more to get more!

Managing Cash flow for a Small Business

Whenever I talk to the owners of small businesses about how much revenue their business brings in, I am almost always shocked at how little they really know about how much cash flows in and out of their business. I recently did some work with a friend of mine in this very situation who has been running a small lawn mowing business for the past few years, and I was able to help him out quite a lot.

Running a service-based business like this example, can be a little difficult as fast cash flow management is concerned as there is always an ongoing cost for maintenance and repairs. As I suspected, the business owner was always fighting against his ongoing tax bill and maintaining his equipment. The biggest issue I found with this particular business was that the owner was not able to know exactly how much profit his business made each week. He knew how much revenue came in but net revenue and net profit are two very different things.

The first thing we did was to look at his previous tax bills and estimate how much money he would need to put aside for tax. Then we estimated his running costs which included fuel and other day to day costs, and finally we estimated the cost of maintaining his equipment and buying new gear.

The first two were fairly easy to come up with rough monthly figures but the way we tackled the maintenance and equipment replacement costs was interesting, even to me.

The business owner currently owns 3 lawn mowers, and they are all at least 12 months old. Trying to save money, he does whatever he can to patch the mowers up when they break down and keep them running. This takes plenty of his own personal time and when he can’t fix them he needs to take it to a mower mechanic which then costs him both time and money.

After playing around with some numbers we came up with the following maintenance and replacement schedule to cut down both the time and cost that the equipment has on his business.

The idea was to have 1 primary lawn mower and 2 secondary lawn mowers, which would all be in tip-top condition, and take pre-emptive steps to keep the gear running. The business was doing well so we agreed that there was enough cash flow to justify purchasing some new gear to get started. The primary lawn mower would be used for 3 months straight at every opportunity after which it would be put into the mechanic for a service and the secondary mower would be used. When the mower was picked up from servicing it would become the third mower and the previous third mower would be put into his truck as a daily spare, or second mower.

This means that one mower gets used all day everyday and another mower gets used when the job is big enough to warrant two mowers. Having a third mower at home means that there is never any urgency to spend hours and hours on the weekend or at night pulling mowers apart, and the regular three month service means that all the mowers are kept in good condition.

All new mowers were also given a 3 year estimated lifetime and money was put aside each month to pay for the future replacement of gear. This was exciting for the business owner as he was already reading reviews online about the new types of lawn mowers available to buy on sites like this. This strategy was applied to all gear including brush cutters, blowers, chainsaws and hedge trimmers.

Just in case you’re wondering…. The main focus of this maintenance and replacement strategy is that no more personal time is spent fixing gear and that there should never be a chance that all of the mowers are old and broken. This means that lawns can be always be mowed and that broken gear will never stall his business again.

Make money selling portable generators

So you have decided to sell portable generators to make some extra money, this can either be a very simple task or somewhat problematic. All you need to do is make sure you advertise on the correct social media sites and websites, and the newspapers for those who do not use the internet.

Some of the most popular sites that you could use are;

• Amazon
• EBay

Or you could look into selling your portable generators to generator companies like Cash Generator, where you will be paid immediately instead of waiting for a buyer to come along. The only problem with sites like this one, is the fact that you will not make a huge profit as you would with selling it yourself. The companies need to make a profit swell, so they will cut the buying price down in order to make a profit. Here you will need good bargaining skills and lots of research!

With this idea, you will need to either buy second hand generators, fix them up or purchase generators in bulk (as this is cheaper) and resell them. You will be able to make a profit, but you need to make sure that you have researched your audience properly before purchasing stock. This will ensure that you do not purchase stock and nobody wants them in the end. All you need to is research who needs portable generators, the common pricing of portable generators and where you would sell your portable generators.

With the research, you need to look into the seasons, especially if there are hurricane’s or storms approaching. This is when your sales will be the highest, as well as the blackouts which are planned in advanced by your state. This is when you will find your sales will increase, especially in the winter months. Home owners want to know that they will be able to still have electricity even with power shortages, and this will only come from the portable generators.

There are also many fields you could sell to,

1. Businesses
2. Home owners
3. Farmers

Each field has the need for a portable generator and if you are cheaper than the rest you will be able to sell your stock extremely quick. Keep in mind, that the businesses and farmers might want bigger portable generators and not smaller ones like the home owners. Once you start selling the portable generators, you will be able to find bigger portable generators and smaller portable generators, you will see which generators are more in demand.

Each startup companies will require lots of research and some mistakes, you will find this out once you have started selling the portable generators. Some mistakes can include; selling your stock without a high profit, selling stock to a company who will resell your stock as well purchasing duds and having to put more money into your sales. This will all come in time, and you will be able to make a lot of money by selling portable generators in the appropriate times.

How Kayaking Can Boost Company Morale

As a small business owner I like to take any opportunity I can get to share with you, my audience, the lessons I have learned from my experiences. As you have read here on this blog before, sometimes my lessons learned are successful ones and sometimes they are not. Lucky for us all, this time around, it was a positive experience that I want to share.

About a year ago, I and a few of my top managers noticed that morale at the office was down. We weren’t sure why, since we haven’t laid anyone off nor cut anyone’s hours. The only thought we had was that we really haven’t given anyone a raise (including ourselves). But somehow none of us were convinced that was the reason for the drop in motivation and productivity among our employees.

You see, we are a small firm with no more than 22 employees. We know each other’s birthdays, anniversaries, and children’s names, like we know our own families. So when a whole company is suffering with low morale, you can’t just ignore it, you ask questions and you try to help. And that is exactly what I and my managers did. We ran a short anonymous poll on our company’s intranet portal, with 4 questions related to people’s mood, and an optional comment field for them to type anything we might have missed.

It was with great surprise that we noticed that every single one of our employees actually entered some comment in the comment field. And the majority of them were along the lines of not feeling challenged enough in their work or feeling like they are not living life to the fullest.

We took the suggestions and brainstormed among us to see what could we do change the situation. The line of work are in is not going to be any more challenging, it’s just not that interesting of a business. But we can definitely try to spice things up a bit at the office and help our workers feel like they are livening life and not just surviving it. That’s when we came up with the idea of a bi-annual company-wide adventure trip.

Every six months we would do a short poll with 3 options as to where and what activity we all would like to do. The one that gets the most votes will be chosen as our next destination. To christen this new tradition I decided our first adventure will be kayaking, as I am an avid kayaker. I made all our employees do some research and find the best kayak and read as many kayak reviews and kayaking tips they can get their hands on. This way when we get to our travel destination they would not feel out of place and can choose their kayak adventure with some confidence. Who knows, maybe we will even have a playboating competition!

Needless to say, this company-wide change worked. Morale came back up, employees were happy, and before even the 6-month wait is over, everyone was talking about what is going to be our next adventure. I couldn’t have been happier.

How to make more money

No one complains about too much money, but from experience, too little is another matter. People often say that money can’t buy you happiness, but I figure that with enough money you can buy a lot more time and opportunities to be happier. The saving strategies to follow will help you grow your funds.

Most of us do not focus attention on our finances because we do not know where to start. Forget about being a financial wizard to organize your money. All it takes is a good financial discipline and money management. Assuming that you are an employee doing the normal 9 to 5 pm type of career, whenever you receive your pay check:

1. Draw up a budget.

After tax, your income may be divided as follow:

Rent 20 – 25%

Food 14 – 15%

Insurance 5 – 7%

Transport 5 – 7%

Debt no more than 20%

Recreation 4 – 6%

Clothing 6%

Savings 10 – 25%

2. Spend according to your age:

Most people start working in their 20s. Suddenly, you have an income, but along with this come expenses you did not have before. You may not be in a position to put away a fortune every month, but you should try to save at least 15% of your salary

Expert tip: you can also save a lot of money by understanding the tax laws.

If you are in your 30s, now is the time to invest in unit trusts. These allow you to invest in stock market without outlaying enormous amount of money. One word of advice: do not invest all your dividends in one unit trust. Investing in a house at this stage will inevitably mean getting into debt. Even so, it is important that you keep saving (this is vital for emergencies like car repair or home maintenance). Without savings, you will just get deeper into debt in the long-run. If you have kids or are planning to start a family, take out an education policy now.

Expert tip: You should always pay off a little more debt each month. For example, about 2 – 3% more than the minimum payment due. You will save on interest and your repayment will be reduced

It might seem early, but if you are in your 40s, you want to have a comfortable retirement, now is the time to start focusing attention on it. At least 20% of your income should be going towards retirement. The unit trust you invested in through your 30s should be paying out large sums by now. Spend some on things you’ve planned for and reinvest the rest. Consider investing in shares. But remember that, while the reward can be great, so are the risks. Do your homework and understand what you are spending money on.

Expert tip: Spread your money on different forms of investment. You will have a better income flow

In you 50s, your bond should be paid off by now and your children’s tertiary education covered by an education policy. The extra money that you were paying towards your bond should be put towards your retirement (the longest holiday you are going to take; so make sure you have enough money to enjoy it.)

Expert tip: Your company pension or provident fund won’t provide enough money for your retirement. Setup a retirement plan with your financial adviser or bank.

Tips on buying large cars for business and family

7 seater cars are becoming increasingly popular especially in large families and also for small business owners that require sufficient space.

As a result, most car manufacturing companies have introduced new cars which can accommodate a seven people. For people willing to buy this kind of cars, making an informed decision on which car to buy has proven to be a difficult task.

If you want to buy a seven seater for your family use, it’s good to consider some basic differences in 7-seater cars available in the market. A compact multi-purpose vehicle is a relatively small 7-seater vehicle that usually handles 5 regular seats but has an ability to hold two more extra seats. It is relevantly simple to park and consume less fuel. However, the vehicles is not big enough especially in situations where storage space is required, as is the case for any small business owners. As a result larger vehicles with a greater capacity have been manufactured.

Large seven seater cars can be large to the size of a mini bus. With these types of 7 seater cars, space is not a problem. However, they are fuel guzzlers hence making them expensive to maintain and environmental unfriendly. With an increased awareness on environmental friendly vehicles, most people still cannot differentiate ordinary vehicles from green (environmental friendly vehicles).

According to environmentalist, an environment friendly vehicle; refer to road motor vehicles which have less harmful impact to the environment than comparable conventional running on gasoline or diesel. Some green vehicles are powered by alternative energy such as solar, electricity and wind. This means that, most of these environmental friendly cars are cheap to maintain and work with.

Before deciding on the model of 7 seater car to buy, it’s important to consider all the available options and then follow the tips to come:

Top tips for choosing large cars:

First who will be the passengers of your new car? For a family with small kids, small 7 seater car will be more than enough, since occupy limited space and they are not heavy for the vehicle. But if you are buying a seven seater car for carrying grown-ups, may be for example sevens Rugby team, you require a big car which is comfortable and can accommodate their luggage.

Another thing to consider before settling on a seven seater car is the seating option. Different models have different seating options. In most cases, the cars have three laws of seats with the third law only visible when wanted. Seven seater vehicles are best suited for families with several young kids. These is because, the cars can accommodate at least 3 child seats, making the car very comfortable for them.

Passengers’ access to rearmost seat should be another issue to consider before choosing a car. 7 seat vehicles with sliding doors are the most suitable especially when the parking space is a bit squeezed. Sliding doors make access to rearmost seat very easy and less time consuming. Models like Ford Grand C-Max, Mazda 5 and Volkswagen Sharan have the best sliding doors.

Don’t forget about affordability. It is important that you get the right type of finance for your needs and that you do not over-pay according to your budget.

Last, but not least, when buying a seven seater vehicle, it’s important to consider passengers comfort ability. A good car should have at least power sockets, DVD player, comfortable seats, hand held games consoles and many other facilities.

With all these tips being put into consideration, one can be sure of having the best of his/her 7 seater cars.

8 online businesses busy mums can run

home businesses and binary options tradingSo, you are a busy mom and you want to start an online business. You want to be able to be at home with your kids and also get fulfillment from work. The good news is that with the current state of technology, you can do both.

We have outlined 8 online businesses which are suited to busy mums. The best part is that they can be run on 10 hours or less each week. Sounds crazy? Well, then read on.

  1. Start an e-commerce store – you can easily set up an e-commerce store and drop ship the products in no time at all. All you will need to do each day is send a couple of emails once the orders start coming through and then you are done for the day.
  2. Write content for websites – if you write the content yourself, this may take up more than 10 hours per week. However, if you find some cheap writers, you can simply manage the workflow and earn a profit on the difference. This can be a great money making venture and has been for many people.
  3. Start a day walking business – this is a great way to earn an income and you can easily work 10 hours or less on it a week. The key here is getting more than 1 dog to walk at a time, provided they don’t fight between each other. It is also a great way to get some exercise and get paid for it.
  4. Start a blog – blogging can be a great way to make an income and if you are a fast writer, you can easily write blog posts in no time at all. You can monetize your blog through affiliate income and can even earn a good wage by doing so.
  5. Take photographs – many companies need nice photographs for their brochures or websites, so you can take good pictures just from walking around. You can earn good money this way and does not require a lot of effort.
  6. Binary Options Trading – This is a hot market right now, with companies such as Banc De Binary (, TradeRush ( and AnyOption ( providing plenty of choice for home binary options investment businesses.
  7. Become a tutor – becoming a tutor is a great way to earn a good income and you can market your services online. You can tutor online through Skype calls or even create online worksheets and tutorials to be used by your students.
  8. Start an eBay store – eBay stores are a great way to get an online store up and running in no time. The best thing about an eBay store is that you are tapping into instant traffic, so it is a good way to test if a product is going to sell.

So, the above 8 online business should provide you with enough inspiration if you want to start an online store that does not require a lot of hours work for you. There are so many possibilities out there, the hard part is deciding what to do first. The best thing you can do is just get started.